Free Public Lectures from Gresham College

Members might be interested in Gresham College’s free public History lectures which you can watch both at the scheduled time and afterwards (online). You can read more about Gresham College’s free public lectures since 1597 here. 
Of general topical interest, as well as the straight history lectures coming up this year, we have a lecture by Professor Chris Whitty on the history of Vaccination, and how it has transformed healthcare, and an old series on epidemics by the historian Professor Richard J Evans, that you may be interested in. 
You can register for any lectures using an email address, and will get a reminder 10 minutes before the lecture is due to start.

History One-Off lectures in 2021

The South Sea Bubble of 1720 by Helen Paul, 1pm, Tues 30 Mar 2021

Napoleon: Shadows & Gardens by Ruth Scurr, 1pm, Thurs 6 May 2021

Theatres of War: Crusade, Colonialism and Chivalry in the Middle Ages by Nicholas Paul, 1pm, Thurs 3 June 2021

History Series with lectures still to go in 2021 (you can watch the earlier ones online now)

A series on Great Tudor and Stuart Houses by the superb Simon Thurley – next one is Private Palaces: Mansions of the Marlboroughs, 6pm, Tues 15 June 2021

Alec Ryrie on England’s Reformations  – this excellent series has been our top-rated lecture series so far this year (by views), next one England’s Anglican Reformation 6pm, Weds 21 Apr 2021.

A series on Darwin by Jim Endersby (all complete now).

Joanna Bourke on Evil Women (cultural history – next one is on Myra Hindley, 6pm, Thurs 13 May 2021 

The Politics of the Courtroom by the writer and QC Thomas Grant looks at things like the state appointment of judges, and the ‘political lawyer’ from Apartheid South Africa to contemporary Britain. Next lecture is on the Politics of Judging, 6pm, Mon 29 Mar 2021. 

A series on Great Thinkers by Classicist Edith Hall (one of our best lecturers)  – next one is on Cynics, Stoics, and Epicureans, 1pm, Thurs 27 May

You can see everything History-related here.

Warwickshire Library Events

I have received this notice of events being run by Warwickshire Libraries that may be of interest to members

The first 2 events have been arranged in partnership with the British Library. 
To join the first event please just click on 7.30 on Monday 8 February and watch the event live streamed.

The others can be booked via eventbrite, via the link below.

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I have done a bit of housekeeping to remove old blog posts but, more importantly, to change to way our events calendar is managed.

The software that I was using to display our events has been getting more and more expensive to licence each year so I reluctantly took the decision to replace it

So you will notice that the way our programme is displayed looks different. It’s not quite as pretty as the old one, but it works just as well and it’s now FREE!

Please take a look at our new Events Programme here

Please let me know if you find something wrong or not working


Warwickshire Local History Society – Programme 2021

LLHG Members may like to note the following announcement from WLHS regarding their 2021 Programme. As LLHG are an affiliate member, these talks are available to our members free of charge.

Lecture Programme 2021

Our lecture meetings will continue to be conducted by Zoom, following a broadly positive experience with the autumn talks.  As a reminder, everyone needs to book their place using Eventbrite (partly for security reasons).  As was announced recently, for the time being our online meetings will be open free of charge to non-members of WLHS or affiliated groups.

The first meeting in 2021 will be the daytime one on Saturday week.

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Zoom Talks

Thank you to everyone who joined our first online talk on 15th September.

Around 30 members logged in to Zoom to listen to the talk by Professor Sarah Richardson on the Women’s Suffragette Movement in Warwickshire.

All the feedback that I have received suggests that the online talks format works well and that members would like to hear more of these.

It looks as though it may be some time before we are able to meet again face-to-face and so we will try to organise more online meetings starting with our AGM and talk scheduled for Tuesday 27th October

More details will be sent to members in due course