Booklets and Leaflets available from the History Group

    • Baddesley Clinton – The Baddesley Clinton Hatchments, Furnishings in metal and wood at St. Michael’s Church – Alan Knight: Designer Craftsman in Metal, Hugh Birkett: Designer Craftsman in Wood.
    • Lapworth – Eric Gill: The Florence Bradshaw Memorial 1928, A. John Poole: Madonna and Child Stature 2001, The Lapworth Missal 1398, Furnishings in wood at St. Mary the Virgin Church – Hugh Birkett: Furniture Designer-Maker and Book Binder, The Adie Wale Memorial Window 1923 by R J Stubington and Lest We Forget – a record of all the names on the War Memorial at Lapworth.
    • Church Inscriptions – ‘Inscriptions within the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Lapworth Warwickshire’ a record of all the inscriptions found within Lapworth parish church, (14C – 21C), often with extra background information for each inscription. There is a chapter on ‘Lost Inscriptions’, those originally seen in the church and for which some record still exists. A copy of this research paper has been archived at the Warwickshire County Record Office and can be viewed there.
    • The Canals of Rowington and Lapworth – The Story of how the canals were built through Rowington and Lapworth in the C18th and the fascinating tale of the battle over a lock full of water at Kingswood Basin.
    • William Bolton – From Warwick to Madeira – The story of a C17th merchant from Warwick who set up an import/export business in Madeira.
    • Rowington at War – the booklet from the 2014 Rowington Records Exhibition with research on the men of the village who went to war as well as interesting insights into life in the village during WW1. (Out of print)
    • The Lost Railway – The story of the 50 year struggle to build the Branch Line that plied between Kingswood station (now Lapworth Station) and Henley-in-Arden for just 21 years between 1894 and 1915.
    • Propaganda in Film 1914-1918 – how the new medium of film was used for propaganda purposes during WW1. Illustrated with stills from WW1 films and newsreels.

Other Publications

Read the book about Lapworth by our President, Joy Woodall, who has researched the village and published an excellent book: Portrait of Lapworth which records the history, typography and people along with events and places in the area mainly relating to the 18th and 19th centuries The History of Lapworth. If you would like to discover a more about the history of Lapworth, you can read the first part of Lapworth, The History of a Warwickshire village here.

Morris Electrical After more than 50 years service to Lapworth and the surounding area, Morris Electrical shop (or more correctly: D.A Morris) closed in 2012. You can read a history of the shop written by Peter Hill here.

Memories of Hugh Birkett? Peter Hill of the History society is planning to write a paper about Hugh Birkett, craftsman, furniture designer and former resident of Lapworth.
Peter would be really interested in tracking down memories people might have of him. Here is the article about it that Peter wrote for the Parish Magazine.