Lapworth History Group – virtual meeting “Suffragettes in Warwickshire”, Tuesday 15th Sept

As promised in the last newsletter the September talk by Professor Sarah Richardson on the Women’s Suffragette Movement in Warwickshire will still go ahead next Tuesday, 15th September but as a “virtual” meeting using live streaming on Zoom.
I’m sure that many of you will be reasonably familiar with Zoom by now having used it during lockdown to stay in touch with friends and family, but if not it is quite straightforward, so I hope you will feel confident enough to give this meeting a go.
You can access the meeting from most devices: a Windows computer, a tablet such as an iPad, or a smartphone. Simply click on link below to enter the meeting.  You will need the app installed to access Zoom and it might save time to install this before the meeting.  It’s free and available on the app stores for Apple/Google devices or by download for Windows PCs (Google: “Zoom app”). But if you don’t have the app installed, clicking on the link will guide you through installing it

The talk will start at 7:30, but I will start the meeting 15 minutes or so before that to give people chance to join and get comfortable.
A quick point on Zoom meeting etiquette:During the talk it would be appreciated if you would turn off your microphone and video. This helps to reduce the network bandwidth required and removes the risk of distracting background noise. If you aren’t comfortable doing this I will guide you through it on Tuesday.
I do hope you will give this a try, it’s a bit if a learning curve for all of us so please be patient if we suffer a few glitches
Bring your own tea/coffee and biscuits, or even a glass of wine!
I look forward to seeing a number of you on Tuesday

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